Hello and welcome to Skiing Star! I’m Lisa Rose, the editor-in-chief.

Our team is pulling together the best information out there and making it easy for you to become a skiing star (or at least sound like you know what you’re talking about on the lift).

I don’t remember a winter without skiing. Every year my family bought the seasons pass for our local mountain and went up there at least once a week. In high school and college, of course, I joined the ski club which got me skiing on mountains around the northeast.

One winter, I had an amazing opportunity to instruct ski school in the Swiss Alps. These kids with no fear of the cliff edge five feet away inspired me (also terrified me but mostly inspired).

As I began exploring more, I realized that not all skis can handle all types of snow. While skiing in the Alps and trying to float over houses completely covered in snow, I learned that you need wider skis for those types of conditions. Sometimes my skis wouldn’t keep up with my friends who were also advanced skiers.

On the flight home from that trip, I realized I needed to do some research before purchasing my next set of skis. And that’s where my concept for Skiing Star was born.

Also, I learned the trick of putting toe warmers inside your boots, which changed my ski experience forever.

Through chatting in the local shop on every mountain to chairlift conversations with skiers of all ages, my knowledge of ski materials and styles for every type of trail grew. Now every winter, I visit a few different mountains to get to know the trails and offer reviews on the resort.

The biggest lesson has been whether you want to shred the terrain park or carve on the trail, the right equipment (and toe warmers) will make your day much more fun!

My team is made up of other expert skiers who want you to get the most out of every winter. Whether you need to know the best skis from a certain brand or just want to learn how to shop for skis, we’ll give you the best tips to make an informed decision.

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