Salomon Boots: An Honest Review


Boots can be the most critical piece of gear for a skier. While the right boot can be the key to all-day fun, the wrong boot can be a painful and expensive mistake. There are tons of choices spanning from beginner boots to high-test racers in today's marketplace, and all the choices can seem overwhelming. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into one of the leading brands in the ski industry—Salomon Boots.

We'll look at some of Salomon's history as a brand and also consider some of their current technologies. Specifically, we'll give a review of their X Pro 80 men's ski boot. For this review, we broke down various aspects of X Pro 80 Salomon boots including technical specs, price, comfort, performance and manufacturer warranty. We also compared this boot with some competing boots from brands including Lange, Apex and Nordica.

What Are Salomon Boots?

One piece of Salomon Ski Boots

Salomon is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the ski industry. The company was founded in France by a metal worker named François Salomon and his son Georges in 1947. The pair had worked closely in their metal shop and founded the company after switching their focus to cable binding systems for skis. This was the company's primary focus until 1979 when they introduced the groundbreaking SX90 ski boot. The rear-entry design of these boots had never been seen in the market and quickly became a favorite for both comfort and performance.

Product Innovation

Since that time, Salomon has expanded into a full range of equipment including Salomon boots, skis and bindings. They have continued to innovate over the year with products like their early twin-tipped ski, the Ten80. Salomon has also expanded well beyond the ski industry and produces products for the trail running, hiking, snowboarding, climbing and adventure racing markets.

Salomon boots are currently available in a vast array of styles, performance levels and aesthetics. They offer a handful of proprietary technologies for added comfort and performance like the TwinFrame technology boot shell, articulated SensiFit last, My Custom Fit 3D moldable liner, and their oversized 24mm pivot ankle hinge.

Product Specs

To get a closer look at some of Salomon boots' technical features, we've reviewed their X Pro 80 Men's boot. They gear this boot towards beginner and intermediate skiers that need some extra room to grow. It has a number of customizable features that will make it more comfortable right out of the box and will also help dial in a fit as a skier progresses.


The core of this boot is built on Salomon's TwinFrame shell. The TwinFrame shell was conceived by Salomon designers to give added rigidity in some sectors of the foot while staying soft in other sectors. This allows skiers to crank down a TwinFrame boot and benefit from added stiffness at higher speeds while also enjoying increased comfort while cruising.

This is a two-piece shell split into an upper and lower section. Both are made from a bi-material PU plastic and combined with softer polypropylene in some areas. The poly reinforces the PU in high stress areas, softens the boot in other areas, and provides UVA protection across the shell. The lower portion of the shell incorporates a reinforced lateral rear insert. This creates more flexibility for the boot's cuff and allows for greater contact as the shell wraps around the foot. The lower portion also uses polyurethane for added toughness and consistent flex.

The last on this boot is 100mm and designed to accommodate feet of average width and volume. The softer plastics are incorporated into the articulated SensiFit upper, which improves comfort while one is taking the boots on and off.

The other significant construction feature of Salomon's X Pro 80 boots is the ankle hinge. This area centers on Salomon's signature 24mm oversized pivot. By creating a larger pivot point, Salomon has addressed the needs of skiers looking for uncompromising edge control while riding on wide skis. This hinge doesn't look vastly different from other hinge points to the naked eye, but skiers on wide boards will feel the difference.


The X Pro 80 comes standard with Salomon's My Custom Fit 3D Sport liner. This liner will feel good out of the box and will only get better when molded. About 30 percent of this liner consists of thermo-moldable foam, which is an increase from their recent My Custom Fit 2D liner. The new version features additional molding capabilities around the balls of the ankle and will drastically decrease hot spots. This liner is a nice premium option and beginners will appreciate the increased performance as they gain experience on the mountain.

The buckling system will also help skiers dial in the perfect fit on these Salomon boots. They have four Micro Alu buckles that can be lengthened or shortened with a center dial. Salomon has also opted for a 3D buckle over the instep allowing for three different buckling positions. The handsomely brushed aluminum buckles are complemented by a 35mm power strap across the top of the boot.


These boots sit in the middle range of price for boots on the market today. Prices tend to fluctuate seasonally, but these boots currently retail online via from $200 to $300.

How It Compa​​​​res

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

Person doing ski tricks while wearing Salomon boots

Salomon X Pro 80 Ski Boots Mens Sz 11.5 (29.5)
  • Boot Weight: 2065g (26.5)
  • Twinframe
  • My CustomFit 3D Sport liner


The boots offer good out-of-the-box comfort and lots of customizing options.

Quality of Construction

These boots are excellent quality and include features found on more expensive competing models.

Performance on the Slopes

These boots are a good choice for beginners and intermediate skiers looking for comfort and moderate performance.


Salomon covers these boots with a two-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Excellent comfort for beginners
  • Customizable fit to add performance with improvement
  • High-end features for a mid-tier boot


  • Could feel too soft for bigger skiers

Lange's RX 100 L.V. ski boots fit a similar place in the market as the Salomon boots. They are designed as a softer option for early to intermediate skiers but have some headroom for performance improvements. These boots will be most comfortable for skiers with narrower and lower volume feet. Finding the right boot can be huge for such skiers as many manufacturers cater more towards average feet.

Lange's RX 100 L.V. is built on a mono-injected polyurethane shell that will create a nice, snug fit around the ankles. With the mono-injecting process, Lange builds a boot shell out of a single plastic piece. This creates a more uniform flex throughout the entire shell. The single-piece shell is coupled with either the ThermoFit R1 heat molded liner or their stock Control Fit liner. The latter was created by Lange after scanning the feet of 20,000 skiers to determine the most universally needed fit elements.


These boots will be perfect for narrower feet, but may not work for everyone.

Quality of Construction

You can't lose with either the ThermoFit or Control Fit liner.

Performance on the Slopes

These will accommodate some faster speeds but are best kept at cruising.


Lange covers these boots with a 1-year warranty.


  • Excellent customization options
  • Fit tailored for narrow feet
  • Good entry level choice with room to grow
  • Designed with extended market research


  • Narrower fit may not work for some skiers

Apex's MC-S2014 ski boot represents a completely different technology compared with the other boots in our review. These boots are constructed in two parts—a soft inner boot resembling a snowboard boot and a stiff outer shell resembling a ski boot. The outer shell on these boots snaps into a traditional ski binding like any other boot but the soft inner boot can be snapped out allowing for easy walking and comfort.

The inner boot on the MC-S2014 features a BOA enclosure system that makes for quick and efficient tightening. They are also heat-moldable allowing for a perfectly dialed in fit. The power of these boots is derived entirely from Apex's Open Chassis system. The chassis features two standard ski boot buckles and a power strap. These components provide the stiffness and rigidity to the soft inner boot. The Open Chassis system also has a variable stiffness option ranging from 75 to 95 flex.


These boots take ski boot comfort to a new level.

Quality of Construction

While Apex makes a high-quality product, they are relatively unproven in the marketplace.

Performance on the Slopes

Skiers should expect to lose some performance with increased comfort and convenience.


Apex covers their boots with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Groundbreaking design
  • Lighter and more comfortable for all-day use
  • Eye-catching designs unlike anything else available


  • Different feel from traditional ski boots
  • New to the marketplace
  • Look and design will put some old school skiers off

Nordica Cruise 60 Ski Boots - 27.5/Black-Grey
  • Last: 104
  • Flex: 60
  • Liner type/style: PFP Comfort Fit

Nordica's Cruise 60 ski boot lives up to its name. This is an entry level boot that is made with comfort in mind for beginners looking to take it easy. At 104mm, the Cruise 60 has the widest last of any boot in Nordica's range. This will appeal to beginners easing into the sport as well as those who simply need a little more space.

These boots also incorporate Nordica's proprietary Natural Foot Stance technology. NFS gently eases the body into abducted boot stance which creates a more natural and anatomical feel when you enter and exit turns. This will definitely appeal to new skiers but could serve as a nice benefit for anyone on the slopes. The inner liners on the Cruise 60 also bump the comfort level with hand-stitched fleece and tech velvet.

At a mere 60 flex, they do not build this boot for speed. They will, however, keep you warm, cozy and comfortable while out cruising.


Hand-stitched fleece and velvet liners will keep you warm and comfortable all day.

Quality of Construction

These may not win any design awards but they're rock solid.

Performance on the Slopes

These are true beginner boots and not meant for performance.


These boots are covered by a two-year warranty.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Plush lining for all-day comfort
  • NFS technology for natural standing position in turns


  • Little room for improving skill
  • Mundane aesthetics


Man skiing while wearing Salomon Ski Boots

Salomon has a reputation as an innovator and leader in the ski industry and it's for good reason. Salomon boots have been at the cutting edge of the market since they first introduced rear-entry boots in the late 1970s. Since then they've continued to push the market forward with combinations of new designs and material.

The forward-thinking approach that goes into Salomon boots is evident in the Salomon X Pro 80. It's a boot that hits the sweet spot between comfort and performance. By combining stiffer and softer plastics the X Pro 80 can give a developing skier the confidence to try something new while also providing comfort while out for an easy ride.

The Bottom Line

Woman skiing while in white ski gear and salomon boots

Every skier will have different needs depending on their ability level, foot size, and aesthetic preferences. With decades of proven success and innovation in the ski industry, Salomon has something for just about every skier. Whether you are a true beginner looking to ease into things or a high-flying expert, Salomon boots could be an ideal choice to keep you both comfortable and charged up on the mountain this winter.

Product Innovation
Product Specs
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