Best Scarpa Boots: Our Top 8 Picks

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As a skier, you want to get out on the slopes as soon as possible. But don't hop on the lift without the right boots. Scarpa boots come in a variety of styles for beginners, advanced skiers, and everyone in between. But you have to know what to look for.

Imagine you're skiing down a difficult slope and can't handle a tight turn because your ski boots cave under pressure. Or you're attempting a difficult trick only to find you can't stick the landing because the boot flex isn't rigid enough. You need equipment which is durable, sturdy and allows you to perform at the highest level possible. The last thing you want is to limit yourself because of lackluster equipment. The right ski equipment is key. So, start the search, eliminate the gear which will crack under pressure, and prepare yourself appropriately for your next trip.

A Great Buy For Any Skier

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Scarpa is an Italian, family-owned company, with a rich history of innovation and design. The company began operation in 1938. Scarpa initially started producing ski boots in the 1970s with the introduction of the Rally boot. In 2007 the company introduced the first telemark and alpine compatible boot to the industry. With many years of experience in the industry, skiers can rely on quality and innovation. Scarpa boots is also a leader in quality construction.

Factors To Consider When Investing In Scarpa Boots

Skiers who are thinking about buying Scarpa boots must consider several factors, such as flex, fit, design, and special features. And, although aesthetics is important to some, this shouldn’t be a deciding factor when choosing ski boots.


Ski boot flex is an indicator of stiffness. The higher the number, the stiffer the boot is. Most ski boot manufacturers make flex levels ranging from 80 to 140/150. A soft flex boot is usually between 80 to 100. Medium flex falls between 100 to 120. Hard flex boots feature a flex rating of 120 or higher.

The flex level determines several factors. For instance, a soft flex boot is more forgiving, meaning it won’t collapse under any weight. These boots typically allow for a softer landing. A ski boot with a hard flex is for doing tricks or skiing at faster speeds. They help transmit edging movements and enable sharper carves in hard snow.

Last And Scarpa Boot Size

A last is a form a shoemaker uses to shape a shoe or boot. Scarpa boots have others three last options: narrow, medium, and full. Narrow boots are 96 to 99 mm. Medium boots have a 100 to 101 mm base. Boots are broad when they have a last of 102 mm or higher.

Walk Mode

Many Scarpa boots feature a walk mode. This allows skiers to wear their boots indoors as well as on the slopes. A switch at the back of the boot reinforces the boot to create a flat, walking surface. This feature is great for skiers who transition from indoor to outdoor settings often.

How We Reviewed

When reviewing the top Scarpa boots, we considered several factors. The flex, fit, and comfort levels are essential. We also looked at each boot’s weight and features. We also factored in pricing, to help skiers find the best boots, for their budget. Our final step was looking at consumer reviews to see what actual customers thought about their purchases.


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Price Range and Where to Buy

Scarpa boots are available on the company’s website. Customers can also find them on Amazon, Evo, REI, or sites like Backcountry. The price range varies greatly depending on the exact model, and where customers buy them. Most of the Scarpa boots we reviewed go for between $ and $$$.

The Best Scarpa Boots Available

Before deciding on a pair of Scarpa boots, customers should compare the best products available. We reviewed a few boots specifically for beginners and others specifically for advanced skiers. We also chose a few that have features skiers of all levels will appreciate. No matter what a skier is looking for, several of these boots have several great features for all skiers. Regardless of their capabilities or experience level.

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These boots feature a dual FR interior liner allowing owners to set comfort levels to ensure the best fit. Adjusting the internal spoilers up or down adjusts tightness levels, for a proper fit. The carbon core construction helps improve stiffness for those skiers with more experience. The internal dial mechanism ensures high levels of comfort. The frictionless 27-degree range of motion also helps skiers stabilize their base. This pair of boots also has a hard or still flex. This design limits it to use by skiers who have more experience.

The Scarpa boots are expensive -- between $$and $$$, depending on where you buy them. Amazon customers rated this product five out of five stars.

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The Pebax shell material helps create a durable outer compartment for these Scarpa boots. With the last width of 102 mm, the shoe comfortably fits all skiers, even those with broader feet. They also feature a lean angle of 10 degrees to 15 degrees, for high levels of precision.

The boots have four buckles. This design feature allows skiers to adjust throughout every portion of the shoe quickly. The walk-ski mode also makes it easier to transition in and outdoors when skiing.

Some reviews state the boots are a little rough to break in, in the beginning. Even the perfect sizing is going to require some time for skiers to break the new boots in. The boot costs $to $$. Amazon customers rate this product five out of five stars.

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These ski boots feature ergonomic bellows, which enhance and increase comfort. The ski-walk mechanism also eliminates the need to change shoes when going from outdoor to indoor settings. These boots also have a torsion beam to help stabilize the interior and provide high levels of control. Two adjustment buckles are making it easy to put them on and take them off.

Some skiers mention that this product is a little more uncomfortable because of heat molding and padding. This is in comparison to other Scarpa boots. Although they are available in half sizes, many skiers complain of discomfort when choosing these boots.

The Scarpa boots cost $$to $$$, depending on the retailer. The ski boots have an Amazon rating of 4.2 out of five stars.

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These ski boots have an active power strap. It enhances the comfort levels of the Scarpa boots. It also makes it easier for skiers to tighten or adjust the boot on their feet. The intuition Flex G liners are perfect for downhill and touring ski performance. A triple density foot maintains proper levels of support below the deck. The Pebax Renew plastic is durable and can withstand heavy use by advanced skiers.

These Scarpa boots are a little heavy. The product weighs about three pounds and 11 ounces, which may slow some skiers down. You can find these boots at various retailers for between $ and $$. Amazon customer reviews give this boot reviews five out of five stars.

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This boot’s shell material is HPA with a carbon exterior finish. This combination increases the boot’s structure and stability. They are sturdy and have a high flex level. The boot is an excellent option for skiers who have more downhill experience. The flex rating of 95 indicates that the boot has medium flex. This makes it a good choice for skiers who are transitioning from one level to the next. What's more, it's they are easy to transition to a faster pace in these boots when skiing downhill.

These boots only feature one buckle, which makes it less adaptable and form-fitting than boots with more than one buckle. Some similar boots have up to four fasteners. Therefore, these boots may not be as comfortable as some which allow skiers greater control over tightness.

These boots cost between $ to $$, depending on where you buy them. Amazon customers rate these boots is five out of five stars.

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A shell made of Pebax plastic is durable and offers high levels of flex for skiers with experience. The boot has a last 102 mm in width. For those skiers who have broader feet, the boots will fit them comfortably. Adjustable liners also help enhance comfort and fit.

These boots have four aluminum buckles that are aluminum. The fasteners make it simple to adjust tightness or loosen them, across the entire foot profile. These boots have a lean angle of between 10 degrees to 15 degrees.

These boots are for skiers with more experience on the slopes. For those who want a basic style, this boot is not the best option. The high price also eliminates it from many customers’ budgets.

The boots range in price between $ to $$$, depending on the retailer. The average Amazon rating is five out of five stars.

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This boot has an FR adjustable interior liner. It gives skiers full control of how tight or loose the interior portion of the boot fits. It also allows each skier to adjust to a setting which ensures they’re capable of performing at high levels. The Vibram plus outsole is an excellent addition to these boots. It ensures sturdy structure and provides a solid grounding in walk-ski mode. The Ride Power block also gives skiers a range of motion of up to 27-degree variation. The variation ensures optimal performance skiing downhill.

These boots are expensive. Also, the carbon core exterior isn’t as durable as other materials. This boot is also lighter than some ski boots. However, this boot's construction isn’t as solid as the construction of its competitors.

These ski boots cost $$to $$$. Reviews on Amazon for this ski boot are five out of five stars.

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No products found.

These ski boots are for freeride skiing and alpine touring. They are transition boots, which are perfect for skiers who want an optimal range of motion. They also allow skiers to adjust the levels accordingly, for the type of slopes they are tackling. These boots feature the ski-walk mechanism. For ski resorts and going from indoor to outdoor areas, this is a great feature. Skiers don’t have to continually change their ski boots when going from indoor to outdoor settings.

The 120-flex rating makes this boot extremely stiff. It is for skiers who have a great deal of experience and control. The boot is not at all forgiving. This element also minimizes shock absorption and even the types of errors skiers can make, when wearing them.

The price of these ski boots is between $ to $$.

Our Verdict: The Best Scarpa Boots For Beginner And Advanced Skiers

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Scarpa boots come in many varieties and forms, for skiers of all levels. For those who want something for beginners to novice skiers, the Scarpa F1 boots are a great option. The 95-flex rating allows skiers to transition when improving on the slopes. The HPA and carbon exterior also makes the boots lighter than other materials. It also makes it easier for skiers to transition, change direction, and speed downhill. The boots are, however, a little pricey in comparison to another beginner/novice ski boots. On the other hand, many skiers consider the price reasonable considering the reputation, design and quality construction associated with Scarpa boots.

For those who have plenty of experience, a firm pair of Scarpa boots is the best option to consider. If you’re looking for quality and solid construction, the Scarpa GEA is an incredible boot. The walk-ski mode, 120-flex rating, durable exterior, and alpine to touring mode, are some benefits of these boots. Shock absorption isn’t high, though. For those who have the requisite level of experience, and want a sturdy boot, this is a good pick. They are also reasonable in price, especially given the much higher price tags of many of the other Scarpa boots we reviewed.

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