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Skiing downhill requires a skier to utilize different muscle groups and techniques than skiing uphill. But both require the right equipment. Ski poles are an essential piece of equipment all skiers use. Choosing the right ones is critical to making the most of your skiing.

Providing balance, helping skiers turn or glide, and keeping them on their feet, are just a few of the functions these poles serve. Choosing the right ski poles is simple, as long as you know what to look for. The right size ski poles will give you the confidence you need to tackle any challenging slope or hill. And, you'll stay on your feet, while outlasting the competition on the slopes.

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Choosing the Best Ski Poles

For skiers to enjoy the experience, they must pick the best ski poles. Higher-end ski poles provide greater balance and efficiency when skiing. They also feature a greater ergonomic grip. When selecting a set of ski poles, it is essential to determine the type of skiing conditions one will face. Doing this allows skiers to choose the poles which are best for those challenges.

Types of Skiing Conditions

Skiers will find there are pole sets available for all mountain, freestyle, and for racing. The ski poles you'll use will vary depending on what type of skiing you plan on doing.

All mountain




Shaft Material

The pole's shaft material will determine several variables, including grip control, the overall quality of the ski poles, and comfort skiers experience when holding them. Also, more durable materials are going to last longer, which means skiers don't have to replace them as often.


For expert ski poles, this is a material which is one of the most popular material choices. It is flexible, features an even weight distribution throughout, and maintains an ultra-light feel for longer ski races.


These poles are more flexible than aluminum poles and are also more durable. Skiers can bend them and apply force when skiing downhill, without worrying about the poles cracking under pressure.


For juniors or beginners, this often the material to look for when buying ski poles. It is the cheapest and will provide skiers with the balance needed so that they can learn proper form and how to balance on the skis. It is heavier than carbon, however, it is also very durable.

High-grade aluminum

High-grade aluminum provides even balance and weight distribution, making them perfect for skiers of all height and weight classes. The substance is durable, stiff, and doesn't feel as light as the composite poles.

Basket Type

The basket sits at the base of the ski poles. The basket is what gives the skier traction as they jab the ski into the snow while going downhill. It also increases stability when skiers are learning the basics.

Powder basket


The Best Ski Poles Available

With several brands, materials, and styles of ski poles to choose from, it is essential to consider several before purchase. These are a few top-rated poles, for skiers at all levels that we chose for their durability, quality, and grip comfort.

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These ski poles are made for pike, park, or leisure skiing alike. The ski poles are made of a carbon composite graphite material. They are available in 10 colors. The 14-millimeter thick grip handle offers flexibility to skiers of all levels.

As the official ski supplier of the US-Olympic team, consumers love the high quality and finish of these ski poles. They are super light, making it effortless to swing them in a forward motion. They won't weigh skiers down when racing or going down fast slopes.

The only complaint reviewers note is that the skiers might get their hands caught in the release straps. This aspect might be an issue for beginner or novice skiers. Once individuals learn how to utilize the poles and straps, not many flaws are noted about these ski poles.

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These alpine ski poles feature an 80 percent carbon fiber shaft. They are lightweight, yet sturdy and highly portable. The diameter of the shaft measures 10.4 millimeters and the length of 130 millimeters makes them suitable for skiers of all heights and experience levels.

Skiers love the ergonomic grip design. The anti-wear manganese steel strip is a nice added feature. It prevents the ski poles from wearing out over time, due to going from wet to dry conditions. A comfortable grip handle is perfect for those who want an ergonomic grip when holding onto their ski poles.

A few customers note that the material seems flimsy and the construction of these ski poles isn't as astounding as they appear upon purchasing. The wire pin connecting the straps is cheap and may cause the skis to break loose if skiers aren't aware of this. Some also complain that the carbon material bends easily and is not durable enough for competitive skiing.

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These ski poles are durable and made with a sturdy aluminum frame. The poles are foldable. The upper portion is 18 millimeters in length, the middle is 16 millimeters, and the lower part is 14 millimeters in length. This design feature makes the ski poles highly transportable and easy to fold for storage.

Dual-flick lock adjustability allows skiers to flip and lock the ski poles into position seamlessly. The 100-millimeter powder baskets won't sink too deep into the snow. Beginner and novice skiers love this feature, as they gain more traction and stability when going downhill. An adjustable four-season strap also gives skiers the most ergonomic grip design, increasing comfort.

The primary con consumers complain of is the price of these ski poles. Given that they are aluminum, they aren't the most durable material. They are one of the most expensive ski poles on the list, meaning many consumers aren't willing to pay the premium price.

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This pole set is available in a bright red or lime color. The color makes them highly visible which is perfect for beginner or novice skiers learning to go downhill. The 18-millimeter aluminum shaft is durable and offers an ergonomic grip handle for skiers utilizing the pole set.

A steel tip and race basket are perfect for those who want to go downhill faster. The basket won't dig too deep into the snow. Skiers like this feature because it allows them to cover more ground, without losing stability when moving quickly.

One of the significant complaints purchasers have is the difference in the color described, versus what they receive. Another complaint is the aluminum material. Although durable, it isn't as durable as high-grade aluminum or carbon material finishes.

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Affordability and quality, are two key features which stick out with this ski pole set. An 18-millimeter diameter offers a comfortable grip base for skiers of all sizes and ages. An axium grip design also features ergonomic curvatures, conforming perfectly to the grooves of a skier's hands.

Most purchasers love the low price point for this ski pole set. It is highly affordable, and perfect for skiers of all levels. The nylon strap also wraps comfortably around the wrist, so skiers maintain full grip control of the poles. The lightweight frame also makes them highly transportable, regardless of where one plans on taking them for skiing.

One of the complaints purchasers note is the fact that the strip is quite short. Because of this, it might not be the best ski pole set for taller skiers. The aluminum finish isn't as durable as other materials. Although the poles seem sturdy, over time, they might weaken or begin to bend.

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This pair of aluminum ski poles is perfect for downhill skiing. They are made of lightweight aluminum, making them highly transportable. They also feature a high strength to weight ratio, making them durable for heavier skiers to use when skiing downhill.

The poles feature a nylon wrist strap. This feature helps keep them in place and also provides full support for skiers going at fast speeds. Screw-on baskets don't get stuck too deeply in the snow when pushing the poles downward. Skiers have a high level of control going at fast speeds because of this.

Although the price is on the more affordable end, skiers do complain of the quality and build. The aluminum material isn't the most durable option available. Additionally, some complain that the poles bend easily, and aren't as stiff as they should be for stability control.

Where to Buy and Average Prices

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Each of these ski pole sets is available on Amazon. The average prices run between $40 to $150 for the highest price pole set. The color, material, and brand-name all impact the pricing for the ski pole sets.

Our Review Process

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When reviewing the ski poles, we consider numerous factors. The price is something which is essential to many consumers, so we weigh this factor in our process. Additionally, the quality, design, grip comfort, material, and ergonomic design, are elements we utilize in the review process.

Our Verdict

Ski Poles

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Depending on a skier's level of experience, the ski pole set they choose will vary. Additionally, the budget, and possibly their height and age are going to play a role in the decision.

For the skier who is on a tight budget, just learning to ski, who wants something affordable, the Rossignol pole set is the way to go. There are materials which are more durable than aluminum, but it is an excellent entry-level pole set for learning the basics. Average height and a comfortable grip give skiers command and control going downhill. The lightweight design of these poles also allows skiers to weave around the slopes seamlessly. And they have high levels of mobility when going downhill as well.

For more experienced skiers or those who aren't on a tight budget, the Black Diamond pole set is the superior choice. It features the best material quality hands down. The poles are durable, easy to adjust, and light, allowing you to maneuver quickly. A reputable brand-name also backs the quality of these ski poles. The three-piece, fully foldable design, also makes these poles highly transportable. They are easy to take on any ski trip.

Every skier has something different in mind when purchasing new ski poles. For some, it is learning how to ski and maintaining balance on the slopes. For others, it is fast speeds downhill and quality construction. Regardless of the type of poles you are looking for, if you keep these design aspects in mind when you are shopping, you are sure to find the right ski poles for your needs.

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